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About Us
Sebon Aeron Soap is based in the beautiful Aeron Valley in Mid Wales.  'Aeron' translated from Welsh into English, means 'berries', & suggests the fruitfulness & richness of the Ceredigion countryside. It is a peaceful & serene setting for us to focus on producing soap in the traditional way & to ensure that the naturally occurring, gentle ingredient glycerine, is not removed during the soap-making process. 
Our products are born out of a passion for finely fragranced, organic skincare. Our aim is to create a soap collection with sophistication.
Using all natural oils, botanicals, fragrances, colours & clays & avoiding the use of Palm Oil, sustainable, or otherwise, we have created super moisturising, high quality and aesthetically pleasing, handmade & hand-cut, small batch, bars. Palm Oil, although cleansing, can be incredibly drying, as well as being environmentally damaging.

Field View from Sebon Aeron Soap Studio
Aeron Valley countryside

Our team is committed to showcasing what beautiful, eco-friendly & nourishing soaps can be made with the highest quality ingredients and great attention to detail. We began by making soap purely for ourselves, as we found commercially produced soaps drying & full of harmful chemicals.  We used our combined knowledge & experience of Academia and Higher Education Management, to give life to our little artisan company now known as Sebon Aeron.


In our team we have a Fellow of The Geological Society of London, a Member of the Institute of Physics & of The American Mineralogical Society. Using an extensive knowledge of chemical synthesis, we shaped our soap-making processes to avoid the use of harmful and unsustainable components, such as parabens & sulphates.


We believe we have achieved the perfect balance of ingredients, crafted at low temperature to retain therapeutic properties, so as to give a natural, botanical &  luxurious artisan product.

The Home of Sebon Aeron Soap
Harley, the Sebon Aeron resident canine companion

Harley, our resident chocolate chunk, occasionally makes an appearance to check on quality control.

Fields by Sebon Aeron Soap Studio
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